Monday, February 28, 2011

Birthday Parties

I love planning events, since I don't got to do that with my curent job anymore I love the opportunity to do it for friends!
We had a party for my roommate in December (really sad it took this long to post pictures). I decided on Cupcakes and Champagne and we had chocolate covered strawberries and peppermint martinis. Such a fun party!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Pups at the Park

Now that the weather is starting to get really nice, we took the pups to the park for long walk and swim in the creek. The Chattahoochee River National Park is amazing and such a great place for the pups to get some exercise. And April 16 – 24, 2011 is a Fee Free Week! Here's to a beautiful weekend!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

How To: Little Wish Bracelets

I love bracelets, especially little wish bracelets that you put on and wear until they fall off and your wish comes true. They are pretty pricey so I decided to try to make them myself so I can have a bunch, below is step by step how:

Start with bright colorful yarn from any craft store, its super cheap

Next you need little sliver beads, I prefer these textured beads b/c they grab the yarn better and sterling silver won't tarnish

The smaller the little charm the better, I found great ones at Walmart and Michaels

Before you cut the string, tie the end of the string in a tiny loop big enough to fit the bead through later. Then measure around your wrist and add about an inch and trim the string.

Slide the charm onto the string, you don't have to knot it yet. Side the tiny bead onto the string and tie a triple knot at the end of the string (when you slide the bead back it should not be able to slide off the end).

Find the center of the bracelet and with a double knot secure the charm

Your bracelet is complete, the yarn will loosen/stretch some with wear

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spring Sandals

Spring is definitely on its way which has me already dreaming of new sandals, below are some I would love to have but can't exactly afford, and so the challenge begins - find something similar that I can actually purchase:


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Time to Save

This time next year I will already be planning what to pack for our trip to Costa Rica. So in order to actually go I need to make a real effort at saving some money! I have tried bank savings accounts and even hiding it from myself but I always end up seeing something I can't live without and....

So I think I may literally try a piggy bank, I mean if all else fails resort to what worked when you were 5!

Images: crate barrel | mud pie ( | ( | Marcel Wanders | Harry Allen (all from google searches)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Antique/Vintage Shopping

On a recent trip home my mom and went to two of our favorite antique/vintage stores. They are a great escape and source of creativity for both of us and I try to go with her whenever I get home (which I can't say is too often...)

I totally heart vintage jewelry and clothes, there is something amazing about giving beautiful pieces new life!

And I always look for pieces for my house, not really the current house since its kind of like a frat house, more for a future house:

This would make amazing seating in a kitchen

I would LOVE to use in a walk-in closet for jewelry

My current living room would finally be complete with this amazing lighting

Stacked chests make great end tables and provide much needed storage

One day when I have a foyer... I will have a beautiful painted chest like this to greet people

These would have made an excellent addition to my tea cup collection, the detail on the handle is exquisite

This fantastic lamp is currently at my parents house being rewired by my sweet dad !

Gorgeous lace pillow with ribbon

And last but not least, a powder blue table that would make a perfect desk